May 14-15, 2O22


Atlanta, GA.


Where the Athletes Will Stay and Why That's Important

Posted on Apr 8, 2022

Held at Fifth Third Bank Stadium and surrounding fields, the R7CCs wil be May 14-15 and will have some new features we haven't seen in these major college 7s tournament yet. Most of this is centered around the player experience. Now other tournaments work hard to make the experience good for the players, but the R7CCs has several new approaches.

This time we're going to look at the accommodations.

Teams that attend are expected to sell a ticket allotment, but the payoff for that is that transportation, food, and accommodation are covered. The accommodation is in Kennesaw State University student housing, but before you think "cinder-block dorms from the Soviet era" let's have a kook at what that means.


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